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Adventureland Travel and Tours is a small company that specializes in exquisite personal service for travel to exotic as well as popular places all over the globe. Its agents have been trained to understand the taste of a client or interests and to respond to these intelligently.

Luigi DeLucia, owner of the company, has nurtured his life-long love for travel by visiting over a hundred countries and establishing contacts with hotels, guides, and other travel agencies wherever it would profit his clients. He knows how to get around by air, train, motor coach, limousine, trekking, and any other imaginable means of transportation. His overriding goal is to offer personal service at the best possible prices. Responses from clients indicate overwhelmingly that he has succeeded.

Adventureland Travel and Tours deals directly with hotels, buses, vans, ferryboats, and other vendors, thus avoiding third party compensations. In many instances contracts are negotiated on site rather than through long distance communications. This policy allows our agency to be very competitive in pricing. Furthermore, all hotels, conveyances, roads of travel, sites of interest, entertainment events, eateries, etc. are personally inspected and/or tested at least once before a tour is advertised. Itineraries are meticulously planned after being scouted out in person and evaluated with the help of professional maps. Minor changes of itineraries are always made by consensus of the tour participants.

On Mr. Luigi's tours, regimentation is frowned upon, and participants are free to pursue places and events tailored to their particular interests and desires. However, the agency will suggest and recommend sites known to be of major appeal, and will provide all necessary information and instruction for clients to reach these special destinations. To this end, orientation meetings with slideshows can be arranged at a particular site before departure in order to broaden the viewer's knowledge about the areas to be visited on each tour.

Please contact us if you value adventure—coupled with finesse and security.

For more information, contact Adventureland today at (888) 980-7070.